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Speaker Keynote Bio: Steve Siemens, CSP

He has become known as “THE PEOPLE BUILDER” to audiences all over the world. Steve Siemens, CSP, has delighted hundreds of audiences in over 20 countries and in every State in the United States. People love his message filled with useful skills and tools, wrapped in humor because they find nuggets that can be used in every area of their lives, both professional and personal. Steve has been labeled as one of the best professional speakers and you will understand why after you’ve heard a presentation.

He is the author of three books. His fourth book will be released later this year, “Don’t Die Until You’re Dead!” He is a past College President and the Past 2005-06 International President of Kiwanis International. His leadership of many boards includes Chairmanships of the Iowa Easter Seals and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Steve has been awarded the CSP, Certified Speaking Professional, from the National Speakers Association. Only ten percent of the speakers worldwide have passed the rigorous criteria to attain the CSP.

You will enjoy his interactive, humorous, motivational style. You will benefit from his common sense, practical ideas, and relevant message. Whether you hear him for the first time or one hundred times, the message always have a new twist and you will leave a better person because of the PEOPLE BUILDER’S gift of words!

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