Download a 2017 Nomination Form or copy and paste the material below and e-mail.

Email submission is preferred. If mailing, please have completed form postmarked by Wednesday, March 22, 2017.  Completed forms must be received by e-mail no later than Sunday, March 26, 2017.

Mailing address:

Kris Watkins                                      
c/o Visit Tri-Cities                                        Direct Line 735-6816
7130 W. Grandridge Blvd., Suite B
Kennewick, WA 99336






The basic criteria for selection:  The Tri-Citian of the Year demonstrates a high standard of varied volunteer service which demonstrates outstanding leadership and contributes to positive community development and economic impact, causes broad positive impact to people, and improved quality of life in the Tri-Cities.  The foundation of this nomination should be for public or volunteer service, for which no monetary compensation is received.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Nomination and Selection Committees will base their decisions upon the facts presented on the pages of this form – they will not, themselves, “look up” the nominee’s history for information that might qualify him or her for candidacy. Therefore, be as thorough as possible – including all available data which will support this nomination. ATTACHED TESTIMONIALS AND SUPPORTING LETTERS ARE NOT NECESSARY AND WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THE SELECTION, THEY WILL BE USED FOR THEIR RECIPIENT’S INTRODUCTION AND GIVEN TO THE RECIPIENT. Nominations should be limited to the Four Pages of this form.


(Please print or type)

Name of Candidate:___________________________________________________________________


Home Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Telephone: (home) __________________________ (office) ___________________________________


Occupation or Position: ________________________________________________________________


Employer Name & Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________




Prior Tri-Cities Occupation(s), if pertinent: (Include approximate dates) __________________________




Number of Years Residence in Greater Tri-Cities: ___________________________________________


This Nomination Submitted By: _________________________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________________________________


Telephone: (home) ___________________________ (office) __________________________________


Date Submitted: ______________________________________________________________________


Email submission is preferred. Send completed form by Sunday, March 27th @ 5 pm by email to:  If mailing, please have completed form postmarked by Friday, March 25th to:

Kris Watkins
7130 W. Grandridge Blvd., Suite B
Kennewick, WA 99336
509 735-6816 (work)






In the space below, describe the specific deeds, actions, accomplishments, etc., which you feel make this candidate deserving of the Tri-Citian of the Year Award:

Other recognition, honors or awards received, if any:

(When? From whom? For what?)



Indicate organizations or activities in the Tri-Cities in which this candidate is, or has been, involved:

(For example, consider such areas as Business or Professional; Labor; Educational; Charitable; Service Club; Religious; Youth; Senior Citizens.)


Leadership Role or                                          Approximate

Organization or Activity                      Office(s) Held, if any                                      Dates Active






























Other recognition, honors or awards received, if any:

(When? From whom? For what?)






(OPTIONAL): Any additional information which you believe might be helpful to the Selection Committee:








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